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Hair Loss Hair has a great social significance in human society. In most cultures it is seen as a metaphor for youth, virility and health. On the other hand, hair loss is synonymous with aging and wisdom. Since hair loss is a normal part of ageing, it is well accepted in the society as long as it is age appropriate. However, hair loss occurring at a young age can make you appear much older than you actually are.

Persons balding at a young age may feel themselves undesirable or inadequate to the opposite sex. Currently, there is a lot of social pressure to look good and the association between a youthful appearance and a full head of hair, may make a balding person less confident. This loss of confidence may reflect in personal relations, workplace and other areas of life.

Studies have shown that good looking people earn more and have better social life. It is considered that these people have better self-image, which lacks in others. Some people find it difficult to accept hair loss as a part of ageing and may request a transplant to gain back a youthful look. Whether old or young, everyone who is bothered by hair loss wants to know the cause of their hair loss and ways to stop it. In this section, we have clarified these issues for you so that you can learn and make an informed decision about your hair restoration.