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At Provelus we believe that every patient has a right to choose how he wants to manage his hair loss. Hair loss treatment is most successful when person understands the nature of treatment, complies with the regime and has realistic expectation of the therapy. It is our duty to make him aware of all possible hair loss treatments in a realistic way and help him choose the best course of action keeping long and short term goals in mind. Following are the options for managing hair loss,


1. No Intervention

Hair loss is a normal natural process affecting a large population. It is neither life threatening nor physically debilitating. Some of our patients actually consult us because they were asked to do so by a loved one. They, themselves are not bothered by hair loss or baldness. Even if no hair loss treatment is given, all that is going to happen is more hair loss, nothing else.


2. Medical Treatment

Medical Therapy for hair fall in Delhi

There are two FDA approved medications for hair loss treatment, Minoxidil (Rogaine) and Finasteride (Propecia). Both are helpful in reducing hair loss. The flip side is that they work well in the early stages of hair loss and the results are not permanent. We prescribe them to patients who are not yet ready for surgery or for those who have significant amount of native DHT sensitive hairs.


3. Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP or platelet rich plasma treatment for hair loss

Hair Loss sufferers can benefit from PRP therapy, also known as Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy. It involves use of growth factor rich platelets to promote health of hairs at the level of hair roots. These growth factors repair & rejuvenate hair roots. PRP treatment is done by isolating the platelets from a small quantity of your blood and then acivating them with special agents to release the growth factors. This increases the amount of natural growth factors your hair follicles receive. Growth factors is like your bodies favourite form of fertiliser.

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4. Hair Transplant

Permanent Hair Transplant for hair loss

Hair transplant is a surgical technique to put new hair roots in previously bald/balding area. This is the only technique that gives permanent results because the transplanted hairs are DHT resistant and are not affected by androgenic alopecia.

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5. Artificial Hairs

Non surgical hair replacement in Delhi

Wigs, toupees, hair fibres, hair weaving, patches and extensions use artificial non growing hairs to cover the balding area. They require regular maintenance and may become a source of embarrassment especially in intimate moments.