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Hair loss can be psychologically devastating and can cause loss of self-esteem. Our hair loss specialist in Delhi clinic explains that although, there are more than 300 causes of hair fall and hair loss, by far the commonest cause is androgenetic alopecia. In fact, this entity alone is responsible for over 95% of all hair loss cases. It is so common that more than 50% of adult middle aged men have hair loss due to androgenic alopecia.

Why Does Hair Loss Occur?

Hair loss is a complex process and all the aspects of this problem are not clear yet. However, basic cause of male pattern baldness has been understood. As the name implies, androgenetic baldness must have two components

Genetic predisposition to balding: Although DHT forms in every male, not all men go bald. This is because our hair roots' susceptibility to get injured by DHT metabolites differs. This difference in susceptibility is inherited like other traits such as hair colour, texture and curl. The inheritance is usually polygenic, meaning multiple genes and their expressions play a role in development of baldness.

As the side and back hairs are resistant to the effects of DHT, they stay behind while hairs on front and top gradually get destroyed. In advanced stages only a horse shoe shaped area of healthy, growing hair remains. According to Dr. Mishra, our hair treatment expert, It is these healthy, DHT resistant hairs that are used for hair transplantation.

Why Does Hair Loss Occur?

During routine hair 'fall' the hair root goes in sleeping stage when a hair is shed. This hair loss is not permanent and after a brief period of rest, the hair root gives rise to a new hair once the conditions are appropriate.

On the other hand, the hair loss occurring via androgenic alopecia is permanent. This is so because there is cellular damage to hair follicle caused by DHT induced inflammation. During each phase of growth the hair becomes progressively smaller and thinner. According to trichologists, this process called 'miniaturisation of hair' is irreversible.

At Provelus Hair Clinic Delhi, we routinely perform trichoscopy in all our hair fall clients to evaluate damage in hair roots. Whenever signs of early hair injury or miniaturisation are found on trichoscopy, our hair loss doctors recommend medical therapy in form of PRP for hair, Stem Cell therapy, Laser hair treatment etc. In late cases, where irreversible damage to hair follicle is preasent, hair transplantation by FUE or strip technique is advised.