Our Services Why Choose Provelus

1) Service: We offer full range of hair transplant portfolio and not just scalp transplants.

  • Scalp Hair Transplant via FUT, FUE & BHT
  • Eyebrow & Eyelash Transplant
  • Beard & Moustache transplant
  • Repair of Bad hair Transplant
  • Other Area Transplant

2) Experience: We have been practising hair transplants for a long time and have scores of satisfied clients. Each of our team members is dedicated to surgical hair restoration. This is one of the few centres in India where an award winning plastic surgeon is performing each hair transplantation, and not a physician or general surgeon.

Each team member has undergone rigorous training and even the junior most technicians have at least five years of experience in hair transplants. Team members are routinely evaluated for efficiency and competence and their knowledge is updated through continuing medical education.

3) Expertise: It has been our constant endeavor to make hair transplantation procedure better in every way. This includes many refinements to the art of hair transplant based on sound scientific studies. Our main innovations are,

a. Single Pass Technique: It is a known fact that a virgin scalp gives best hair transplant results. At Provelus, we constantly perform mega sessions of more than 3000 grafts and giga sessions of up to 6000 grafts in a single session. This is possible through our unique approach to follicular harvesting and advanced dissection techniques. More hair per session for you means more coverage and better density.

b. Controlled Anaesthesia: Hair transplant procedure is a day cay care procedure. As general  anesthesia  is  not  required, you stay conscious and awake  during  the  process; and can go back home same day. At Provelus, the anesthetic solution is given via controlled injectors which gives you local anesthesia slowly  and gently. If you are scared of even one shot, we can perform your procedure under monitored anesthesia care at a hospital.

c. Hair-Scalp analysis: We routinely perform trichoscopic analysis of both the donor and recipient area. It is done to evaluate the density and hair thickness in donor area as well as recipent area condition regarding vascularity, inflammation and skin condition.

d. Provelus Artistry: Designing a good hair line is an art form and the most obvious signature of any hair transplant clinic. At Provelus, we understand the importance of hairline design. That is why we have developed a unique software that evaluates your facial profile in three dimensions and suggests you the possible hairline designs.