provelus hair transplant iconBody Hair Transplant

DAY 1 Stubble like hair and scabs / crusting. Pain and stretching sensation. Some discomfort.
Decreased sensation Scabs / Crusting. Scabs / Crusting.
DAY 10 Scabs should be gone. Some discomfort. Near normal
Stubble like hair. Reduced sensation/ Numbness.
DAY 15 No scabs. Suture removal.
Effluvium of transplanted hair begins. Area is hard to touch. Near normal. May be hard to touch.
Area may feel hard to touch. May have reduced sensation and/or pain.
WEEK 8 Nearly all transplanted hair fall. May have reduced sensation. Normal.
Some redness may persist. Hard to touch. Planning for second session may begin.
MONTH 2-4 Some hair fall from non transplant area in some individuals (Shock loss) Near normal
MONTH 3-5 New hair growth begins. Near Normal
They are thin and fine at first.
MONTH 5-9 New hair keep coming out roughly 10-15% per month.
Already sprouted hair begin to grow longer.
Near Normal
MONTH 9-10 80% of appearance. Transplant appears thin due to small caliber of new hair. Planning for second session may begin.
Planning for second session may begin. Scalp massage and scalp stretching exercises may commence.
YEAR 1 90% of appearence.
Hair shaft continues to grow longer and thicker.
YEAR 2 Final appearence of hair transplant.