provelus hair transplant icon FUT (Strip) Procedure

Conventional Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) is also known as Strip procedure, Follicular unit strip extraction (FUSE) and Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS) because donor hairs are taken out 'en bloc' in the form of a long strip.

Following is a brief description of the procedure as you would experience at Provelus FUT Hair Transplantation Clinic

1. Hair Loss Evaluation: On arrival, you need to fill up requisite paperwork and will be evaluated for scalp condition, donor reserve etc. Then you will be given some oral medications. These medicines help to prevent infections and sedate you slightly so that you are comfortable during transplant.

Hair loss evaluation form


2. Hair Design: Next you meet the surgeon and help him draw a hairline according to your desire and expectations. Our highly experienced plastic surgeon will guide and help you during this process. He will evaluate recipient area and suggest appropriate number of grafts for desired results of transplant. He will then examine hair donor area and draw the strip outline depending upon transplant requirement.

Drawing a hair line for hair transplant


3. Hair Trim: For strip hair transplant we will trim the hairs in the area previously drawn by the surgeon and prep the area for harvest. Full head trimming or shaving is not required in strip technique as opposed to FUE technique.

Strip hair transplant donor area


4. Strip Harvest: Local anaesthetic injections are given in the strip area to numb it. The injections may sting a little like a bug bite, but after that, the procedure is totally pain free. A strip of hair is carefully taken out from dense area of scalp as per requirement. You can enjoy the music or movie of your choice while this happens.

Hair strip close up showing hair follicles embedded in fat tissue


5. Trichophytic Closure: After strip harvest, the incision line is stitched together using trichophytic closure technique. With this technique, hairs grow out of the scar line after healing making it almost invisible even with short hairstyle.

Trichophytic closure showing hair growth from strip scar after hair transplant


6. Follicle Dissection: The harvested 'strip of hairs' is handed over to the technicians who dissect out follicular units under magnification. At Provelus all the dissection is done by experienced hair transplant technicians under magnification to minimise injury to hair roots. These follicles are arranged in trays, ready for placement.

Follicular units after dissection showing 1,2,3 & 4 hair roots respectively


7. Hair Implantation: Hair implantation is done after surgeon creates tiny slits in the bald area to place dissected follicles. At Provelus, customised blades are used to exactly match the follicle size. This way transplanted hair fits perfectly in the slit and stays in desired direction. All the follicles are distributed as per desired density and direction filling up the bald area.

Hair Transplant area fresh after follicle implantation of 2500 grafts


8. Transplanted Hair After-care: Once the procedure is over, after care of the transplanted and donor area will be explained to you. A copy of written instructions will also be given in case you forget anything. Care of newly transplanted hair is important for their growth. You may be requested to revisit the clinic for stitch removal 10-12 days after the procedure.