provelus hair transplant icon FUE ( Stitchless) Hair Transplant

FUE hair transplantation or Follicular Unit Excision is the most advanced hair transplant procedure currently. It is also known as follicle isolation technique (FIT), FOX procedure etc. Although it is more difficult for the surgeon to learn and perform, it has many advantages for the patient.

At Provelus, we routinely perform large sessions of FUE hair transplant including mega-sessions and giga-sessions. We are using two step FUE technique, to harvest the hair roots. The advantage of this technique is lower chances of root injury ensuring better survival and growth of the hair after transplant. Currently, FUE hair transplant is more popular at our clinic as compared to conventional strip procedure despite being more expensive. It is our endeavour to bring down the cost of FUE hair transplant so that more deserving candidates can benefit from this technique.

Following is a brief description of the procedure as you would experience at Provelus Hair Transplant Clinic

1. FUE Preparation: On arrival, you need to fill up requisite paperwork and then will be given some oral medications. These medicines help to prevent infections and sedate you slightly so that you are comfortable during Hair Transplantation.

Image showing preparation & paperwork for hair transplant


2. Hair Line Design: Good hair transplant needs good hairline. So, when you meet the surgeon help him draw a hairline according to your desire and expectations. Our highly experienced plastic surgeon will guide and help you during this process. He will also evaluate the donor area and recipient area and suggest appropriate number of grafts for desired coverage.

Hairline design for FUE hair transplantation


3. Hair Trim: For FUE Hair Transplant, we will trim the hairs in the donor area and prep the area for harvest. Usually all the hairs need to be trimmed for the procedure as it is imperative to see hair emergence angle for FUE hair harvest. For small procedures and in women trimming is restricted. You will also be given antibiotics before hair grafting begins.

Hair Transplant Donor area trimmed for FUE harvest


4. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction): After numbing the donor area with local anaesthetic, a tiny hollow needle (<0.9mm) is used to isolate the follicular unit from surrounding tissue. In the two step FUE process, the sharp needle is only advanced till minuscule hair muscle called arector pili. Remaining dissection is blunt to avoid injury to hair root. The hair root is then gently pulled out and immediately transferred to the holding solution. The tiny points left after extraction heal spontaneously and do not need stitches.

i-FUE technique, hair roots harvested by FUE


5. Hair Implantation: In FUE hair transplant, the implantation is done with stick & plant technique. This minimises the follicular 'mis'handling and maximises growth. Customised blades are used to create tiny slits that exactly match the follicle size. This way transplanted hair fits perfectly in the slit and stays in desired direction. All the follicles are distributed as per desired density and direction filling up the bald area.

Implanted FUE hair follicles showing new hair line


6. FUE After care: Once the procedure is over, after care of the transplanted and donor area will be explained to you. A copy of written instructions will also be given in case you forget anything. Care of newly transplanted hair is important for their growth. The donor area heals completely in a week following the procedure. Stitch removal is not required.

Healed donor area after FUE extraction in a hair transplant client