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Body hair follicle harvest for transplantBody hair transplant or BHT can be considered as an extension of FUE hair transplant where donor area extends to body. It can be used in patients who do not have enough supply of donor scalp hair. This may be naturally so or may be a result of previously performed bad hair transplants.

In this technique matching donor hair roots are extracted from the body parts like beard, chest, legs, armpit etc. and placed directly in the scalp.Although simple in concept, it is vastly different on practical grounds. There are many differences between scalp and body hair transplant which make this procedure less than ideal. The foremost concern is availability of adequate number of hairs. As body hairs are lower in density, it is not possible to harvest them in thousands. In general the most dense body hair are present in the beard area of men. These hairs are thicker and also grow longer as compared to other body hairs. Beard hairs are therefore considered most suitable for body hair transplant. If a patient does not have adequate beard hairs, other areas like chest or leg hairs can be harvested for hair restoration.


In body hair transplant, the curl, calibre and length of body hair is different from scalp hair. Since their hair cycle is different from scalp hair, these hairs remain in growth (anagen) phase for short duration. That is why they do not grow long like scalp hairs.Third is technical issue. As body skin is thinner as compared to scalp skin and hairs form a very acute exit angle, there is a higher chance of root damage if the procedure is not done in experienced hands.

Healed area after body hair extraction


To summaries, body hair transplant is useful alternative to scalp hairs for cosmetically less important areas, for increasing transplant density and for facial hair transplants. They should be used if scalp donor area is inadequate or has been left inadequate due to previous bad transplants. Price of Body Hair Transplantation is higher than that of scalp hair transplant, but when judiciously used the cosmetic impact can easily offset the cost of hair transplant using body hairs.

Body hair transplant results