Wanna Remove Dandruff without Medicines : Do This!

Have you ‘done everything under the sun’ but, the dandruff just comes back?

        Dandruff is a recurring scalp problem

Do you feel an uncontrollable itch in your scalp almost all the time?


Are you tired of looking over your shoulder for those embarrassing white flakes?



In this article, we shall discuss how to keep dandruff under control with easy lifestyle changes. Just following a good hair care routine can do wonders in preventing the recurrence of this nasty condition.

Dandruff can have several causes, including dryness of scalp skin, seborrhoeic dermatitis, dead skin build-up due to inadequate cleaning or a yeast-like fungus that feeds on oil produced by scalp skin. Rare causes include skin conditions like scalp psoriasis, eczema, atopic dermatitis and/or sensitivity to hair care products, . Dry skin is the most common cause of flaking dandruff.

Lifestyle remedies for Stubborn Dandruff

You can take following steps to reduce your risk of developing dandruff or to control it:

  • Eat This: An individual with the problem of dandruff should increase  the  essential fatty acid intake or use selenium supplements. A diet that provides enough zinc, B vitamins is important to keep hairs healthy  too.
  • Don’t Eat That: Diets that are  high in sugar, processed food, and ‘bad’ fats lead to insulin spikes, which in turn lead to stimulation of hormone surges that can trigger the output of oil. Overall restriction of fatty foods, fried foods, refined sugar, processed food, and gluten may lead to a reduction in flaking.
  • Shampoo Often: If you tend to have an oily scalp, infrequent washing can also contribute to the development of these pesky flakes. Not shampooing your hair regularly can cause hair, oil and skin cells to build up, causing dandruff. Daily shampooing may help prevent dandruff.
  • Shampoo Correctly: Choose the correct shampoo type for your hair. While shampooing, gently massage your scalp to loosen flakes. Do not apply hair conditioner on scalp. Rinse thoroughly after shampoo.
  • Soak up some Sun. Sunlight contains ultraviolet light that can kill dandruff causing yeast. But remember that sunlight can damage your skin too, so don’t overdo it.. Instead, just spend a little time outdoors. And be sure to wear a good sunscreen.
  • Styling products: Hair styling products can cause allergic reactions like contact dermatitis. Over prolonged use waxes, pomades or cremes may build up on your hair and scalp, making them oilier.
  • Dry Dandruff: If you have dry scalp, apply a light moisturizer or baby oil to your scalp before you go to bed. You can also add a few drops of tea tree oil. Don’t use too much. If your dandruff is due to dry scalp, the flakes should disappear once you shower the next morning with a gentle shampoo. Then use a moisturizing conditioner and rinse finally with lukewarm water.
  • Manage stress. Stress can trigger dandruff or worsen existing symptoms due to changes in hormone production. Keep a positive and healthy outlook towards your body and self. Practice mindfulness to reduce unnecessary stress.



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