PRF or PRP for Hair Loss

What is PRF

PRF is short for platelet-rich fibrin. It is a more efficient technique to use the platelet derived growth factors that is used in PRP to treat hair loss.

How is PRF made

Few mls of blood are drawn from your arm vein depending upon requirement. It is immediately centrifuged in special tubes in a unique way without any chemical additive. It is the unique spin that activates the fibrin and concentrates more platelet growth factors, white blood cells, and stem cells. Other blood components which are not needed can be discarded.

PRF hair loss treatment in delhi
PRF or PRP for hair loss treatment

What does PRF contain

PRF contains platelets, white blood cells, fibrin and stem cells. Platelets contain special tissue growth factors called PDGF or platelet derived growth factors, that increase collagen production, regenerate tissue, and improve hair regrowth. White blood cells release cytokines, and fibrin acts as a mesh to allow delayed but sustained release of the growth factors. Stem cells are undifferentiated cells that can turn into specialized tissue and help in repair and regeneration.

What’s better for Hair, PRP or PRF

While PRP and PRF both utilise PDGF (Platelet derived growth factors), PRF does have some advantages over PRP.

In PRP the emphasis is on isolating and segregating platelets while discarding all other blood elements. For this reason anticoagulants are always added to blood before PRP preparation. on other hand, PRF is 100% natural and has no additives.

Due to special spinning process, Platelet-rich fibrin also contains greater concentrations of growth factors, as well as stem cells, while PRP does not have stem cells. This higher concentration of growth factors and stem cells will promote more hair regrowth than PRP.

The platelets in PRF are enclosed in fibrin mesh that keeps the growth factors localised and does not allow them to move away to an area where they are not needed. This controlled yet sustained release of more growth factors and for a longer period of time. PRP does not have fibrin, and it does not contain stem cells or white blood cells, which both contribute to tissue regeneration.

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