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Soy Bean for Hair Loss: The Scientific Side

Soy Bean Soybean (Glycine max) is an edible legume, which can be consumed in forms of pods, seeds, granules, chunks, isolates, etc. as well as other delicious products derived from soy like milk, yogurt, cheese, tofu etc. Though originated in East Asia (specifically Central China, Japan, and Korea), soybean is now widely consumed throughout the world. Benefits of Soy Bean Nutritionists have  long claimed that soy provides a wide range of health benefits, such as lowering rates of heart attack, reducing[…]


Female Pattern Baldness : Can You Prevent it?

Although both men and women may experience hair loss, it is much less common in women. Probably that is why it is psychologically more distressing for the ones who do suffer. While male baldness is socially acceptable and therefore less traumatic, severe hair loss in women can affect self image and confidence very badly. What causes Hair Loss in Women? While losing up to hundred hairs per day is considered normal, thinning hair or scalp visibility is not considered so.[…]

scarring hair loss

Scarring Hair Loss: Rare but difficult to manage

Most common type of hair loss is Androgenetic alopecia, that can be treated with various medications and hair transplant. Usually the results of treatment are excellent in this condition. However, a much less common group of hair loss that is more complex is Scarring hair loss or cicatricial alopecia. In this condition the hair follicle is permanently damaged and  replaced with scar tissue. Scarring alopecia is of two types. Primary scarring alopecia where hair follicle is the main target of destruction and[…]

Sudden Weight loss through crash diets can cause Hair Loss

Can Dieting cause Hair Loss?

Based on A Real Patient Experience. Names changed to protect privacy When Virat got engaged, he decided to transform himself for his marriage. Despite being tall, at 104 kilograms, he was definitely overweight. And his mild hair loss gave him a look more mature than his real age. Marriage was just 5-6 months away, so he decided on crash dieting along with exercise. He subsisted on extremely calorie deficient diet, mostly consisting just coffee and salads. In 90 days he lost[…]

Hair transplant frauds and scams in India

Hair Transplant Frauds and Scams in India: Who’s Running it?

Their website is slick. It’s fast and comes at the very top of search results. Their ad is great. And it’s everywhere. On internet and newspapers. Their ‘Offers’ are incredible. Dirt cheap!! A stylish and swanky clinic with 5 star facilities offering ‘hair transplant’ at throw away prices. Even the technique is same as that done by the best doctors of the world. What more could you want? As you plan your incredibly cheap surgery convinced by the ‘details’ provided[…]

COVID related Hair Loss

Hair Fall After COVID 19

Vinita Narayan has fought and won her battle with Corona Virus. She spent a week in the hospital in May fighting COVID-19 and pneumonia. Recovering at home, she noticed her hair was rapidly falling out. “When I would brush my hair it was just full of hair. I even feel scared to shampoo my hair thoroughly, as that too, would cause hair fall” Vinita says. By September, she’d lost about 30% of her hair. “My parting is wider and I[…]

Hair fall treatment in Delhi by Laser Hair Growth Booster

How to use LASER for Hair Growth

Laser Hair Booster at Provelus is professionally administered low-level laser therapy (LLLT) via controlled “therapeutic” exposure to red or near-infrared radiation. But Isn’t Laser used for Hair Removal? Laser can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, Lase helps in wound healing as well as tumor removal from body. Ultimately it all depends on a laser’s wavelength, pulse rate, session duration, and frequency of exposure. For hair, a laser emitting at wavelengths of 630-670 nano meters can encourage hair follicle proliferation[…]

PRF hair loss treatment in delhi

PRF or PRP for Hair Loss

What is PRF PRF is short for platelet-rich fibrin. It is a more efficient technique to use the platelet derived growth factors that is used in PRP to treat hair loss. How is PRF made Few mls of blood are drawn from your arm vein depending upon requirement. It is immediately centrifuged in special tubes in a unique way without any chemical additive. It is the unique spin that activates the fibrin and concentrates more platelet growth factors, white blood cells, and stem[…]


Wanna Remove Dandruff without Medicines : Do This!

Have you ‘done everything under the sun’ but, the dandruff just comes back? Do you feel an uncontrollable itch in your scalp almost all the time?   Are you tired of looking over your shoulder for those embarrassing white flakes?     In this article, we shall discuss how to keep dandruff under control with easy lifestyle changes. Just following a good hair care routine can do wonders in preventing the recurrence of this nasty condition. Dandruff can have several causes,[…]

Baldness Testostorone

Do Bald Men have More Testosterone?

Male pattern baldness, or androgenetic alopecia, is the most common type of hair loss among males. As the name suggests, androgens (male sex hormones) and genetics play key role in this type of baldness. Hormonal factor, especially a male sex hormone known as dihydrotestosterone (DHT), plays the most important role in baldness. DHT is a byproduct of testosterone so, many men consider it’s logical to assume that “If DHT comes from Testosterone, then more Testosterone means more DHT and more hair[…]