Hair Fall after Hair Transplant: What Can You Do

Hair Falling out after Transplant?

How would you feel if your transplanted hairs start falling out, instead of growing, just a couple of weeks after surgery.

You may feel sad, cheated and even angry at the false hope and promise of a permanent solution for your baldness.

Don’t worry. It’s Normal Hair Fall.

Despair not, transplanted hair can fall out a few weeks after surgery due to surgical shock and inflammation. This is both normal & expected. The most common type of hair loss after surgery is called shock loss which is a type of anagen effluvium. In this condition some of the transplanted follicles go into a premature, but temporary, rest phase during the growing part of their cycle.

After resting phase, the same hair roots will give a new hair again. A few hairs, however, won’t survive due to unknown reasons.  But their number is very small and hair transplant surgeons, usually compensate for this expected loss.

However, sometimes patient may experience loss of thin existing hairs after transplant, along with transplanted hair. This “shock loss” is usually seen in individuals with advanced stages of miniaturisation, poor surgical technique and high density transplantations.

Shock loss after hair transplant
Shock loss after hair transplant

So, what can be done to minimise shock loss?

Good surgical technique, use of fine instruments, avoiding hair root handling and dense packing are some things your hair transplant surgeon would take care of. You should, of course, choose an experienced and qualified surgeon for good outcome.

Medications like minoxidil and finasteride may help to interrupt the development of male pattern hair loss and hair miniaturization in men. Their use, especially in pre-operative period is useful. However, minoxidil is stopped before surgery  through healing period to avoid blood loss during procedure or wound irritation. Finasteride can continue during this period.

Provelus GroHair therapy utilises recombinant DNA produced purified human growth factors that help in faster recovery and avoidance of shock loss. It can be administered before transplant.

PRF treatment can also provide growth factors that help in wound healing and helps to avoid the shedding.

For more information regarding PRF, GroFactor Treatment and Robotic Hair Transplant in Delhi, you can reach Provelus at +91-11-45201001 or +91-9650047060.

Provelus is an ISO 9001:2008 certified hair clinic based at India’s capital New Delhi. Voted as one of the best clinics for hair transplant in Delhi (Times Healthcare Survey), we have over 35 years of hair treatment experience and thousands of satisfied hair loss clients worldwide.

At Provelus, there are no bad hair days!

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