Hair Fall After COVID 19

Vinita Narayan has fought and won her battle with Corona Virus. She spent a week in the hospital in May fighting COVID-19 and pneumonia. Recovering at home, she noticed her hair was rapidly falling out. “When I would brush my hair it was just full of hair. I even feel scared to shampoo my hair thoroughly, as that too, would cause hair fall” Vinita says. By September, she’d lost about 30% of her hair. “My parting is wider and I feel more scalp is showing. I have lost so much volume that no hair style looks good now,” Vinita says.

COVID related Hair Loss
COVID 19 survivors are experiencing Hair Loss.


What Vinita is experiencing is called ‘Telogen Effluvium‘.

In this condition, a large percentage of the hair that’s normally in the ‘Anagen‘ or growing phase suddenly changes to the ‘Telogen‘ or shedding phase as a result of some major shock.

The problem can be triggered by any shock to the system, physical or psychological, like major illness, surgery or bereavement. It generally begins two to three months after the trauma and causes sudden, massive hair fall. In the midst of the pandemic, COVID is a major trigger for this type of hair loss.

So, What can we do about it?

With proper care and treatment, shedding should end within six months and the hair will start to regrow. Eat healthy diet, exercise regularly as per your physical condition and doctors’ advice and get plenty of sunshine. Stay positive and combat stress through yoga and meditation to help speed the process.

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy or PRF GrowFactor treatment gently stimulates the hair follicles for better growth. Other treatment for ‘Telogen Effluvium’ includes supportive therapy like Minoxidil and vitamin supplements. Clinical monitoring of progress should always be done by serial trichoscopy and hair count. In this way, optimal intervention can be planned at correct time.

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