Female Pattern Baldness : Can You Prevent it?

Although both men and women may experience hair loss, it is much less common in women. Probably that is why it is psychologically more distressing for the ones who do suffer. While male baldness is socially acceptable and therefore less traumatic, severe hair loss in women can affect self image and confidence very badly.

What causes Hair Loss in Women?

While losing up to hundred hairs per day is considered normal, thinning hair or scalp visibility is not considered so. If you are experiencing loss of hair volume or your scalp has become more visible you should consult a doctor.

Most common cause of female pattern hair loss is Andro-Genetic Alopecia, same as their male counterparts. Genetics play a significant role in development of  female pattern baldness.  So, if your mother or father had a baldness gene, you can be affected.

female pattern baldness
Female Pattern Baldness

Age is also thought to be an important factor in female pattern baldness. Significant hair loss is  common during or after midlife. Some susceptible individuals may never fully recover from hair loss caused by pregnancy, child birth or disease.

Hormonal changes are also a contributing factor. In fact, many will develop hair issues after menopause. Women with hormonal imbalance are also more prone to hair loss. Conditions like PCOS can cause female pattern hair loss.

Apart from female pattern alopecia, auto-immune conditions, radio or chemotherapy for cancer, serious illness and some psychological conditions can also cause hair loss in women.

Can Female Pattern Baldness be Prevented?

As three important factors of female pattern baldness; genetics, ageing and hormones are not under our control, it is not completely preventable. However, treatment of the condition with serum, laser, tablets or procedures like PRF or Recombinant DNA EGF treatments can bring significant improvement and control further damage.

Then, there are steps a woman can take to keep hair as healthy as possible. Avoiding  cosmetic treatments, such as perming, straightening, and hair extensions that can lead to hair damage. Take a diet rich in protein, essential vitamins, and iron. Exercise regularly and follow good hair care routine are some things that will keep the glow of health ever present in your hairs.


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