Can Dieting cause Hair Loss?

Based on A Real Patient Experience. Names changed to protect privacy

When Virat got engaged, he decided to transform himself for his marriage. Despite being tall, at 104 kilograms, he was definitely overweight. And his mild hair loss gave him a look more mature than his real age.

Marriage was just 5-6 months away, so he decided on crash dieting along with exercise. He subsisted on extremely calorie deficient diet, mostly consisting just coffee and salads. In 90 days he lost an impressive 22 kilograms.

That’s when the problem started.

Sudden Weight loss through crash diets can cause Hair Loss
Sudden Weight loss through crash diets can cause Hair Loss

”Suddenly, there was hair everywhere. On my pillow, in my washroom, my hair brush… my hands..”, Virat recalled with horror. “My mild hair loss was quickly turning into full blown baldness.”

Many youngsters are now experiencing hair loss due to unhealthy diets. The lure of quick weight loss forces them to adopt unnatural and unhealthy lifestyle choices that can cause more harm than good.

So, how does weight loss cause hair fall?

Sudden weight loss, especially over 10% of body weight in a short duration (under six months) can trigger body’s self preservation mechanisms.

This means that whatever food and calories body gets, would be used for essential body functions. Therefore heart and brain would not starve but hair would. This causes a sudden halt in hair growth and hair roots shift from growing ‘anagen’ phase to shedding ‘telogen’ phase.

When we examined Virat’s hair and scalp with our 5 Parameter dp Harris tricho-analyser, he was having the same problem. Luckily for him, he was prescribed a healthy diet plan and given recombinant DNA EGF GrowHair treatment to restore his hair health. This, along with some hair supplements did the trick and in 3 months’ time new hairs began sprouting in his scalp.

“I was glad for timely and accurate treatment provided. I looked good on my wedding day and felt confident posing for the photographs” says Virat, “I learned my lesson the hard way. No more crash diets for me ever.”

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