Brow Transplant: Is it Worth it?

Brows are one of your most defining facial feature. Not only do they help you express yourself emotionally to the world, they’re also important to the aesthetics your face. It is said that “beauty of the eyes is only perceived under the arch of a fine brow”.

#ThickEyebrows are one of the hottest fashion trend of this decade. Just look at stars like Megan Fox or Kareena Kapur who have created a signature look with aesthetically shaped, full, #BoldBrows.

Good Brow Transplant, Provelus Delhi.
Meagan Good Brow Transplant

In fact celebrities are going all out to make their brows bold ‘n’ beautiful. Hollywood star Meagan Good recently opened up about her #BrowTransplant during a visit to The Wendy Williams Show when Wendy told her that “your eyebrows still speak to me”. Good told Williams that she gave microblading a try when she was 30, but eventually realised, “I need real hair.” And so she got an eyebrow transplant.


Brow Transplant or eyebrow transplantation is a process through which new hair roots are placed in the brow simulating the natural direction, growth and density to add more refinement and volume to the eyebrows.


Did you know that eyebrow hairs grow in four different directions in different areas of brow? This is what gives shape and definition to brow. In fact eyebrow hair is different from any other type of hair on your body. So, choosing the right hair to match the eyebrow hair is a priority. There’s also a significant relationship between the width, length and arch of your brow which must be respected for natural results.  If these natural rules are not followed, you can have messy, bushy brows.

That’s why when it comes to eyebrow restoration, experience matters. But experience isn’t just about knowing hair. It’s also about understanding the facial proportions and how eyebrows can augment the aesthetics of your face. A good plastic surgeon can transform the face with brow transplant . So yes, if you get your brow transplant from an experienced plastic surgeon, especially from some one who is dedicated to #HairRestoration, it’s worth every penny spent.

At #PROVELUS we combine years of plastic surgery experience with an artist’s eye for beauty to achieve incredible results for patients every day.

For brow transplant consultation, you can reach Provelus at +91-11-45201001 or +91-9650047060. Provelus is an ISO 9001:2008 certified hair clinic based at India’s capital New Delhi. Voted as one of the best clinics for hair transplant in Delhi (Times Healthcare Survey), we have over 35 years of hair transplant experience and thousands of satisfied hair loss clients worldwide. At Provelus, there are no bad hair days!


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