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Man after hair transplantProvelus is an ISO 9001:2008 certified hair transplant clinic based at India's capital New Delhi. Voted as one of the trusted clinics for hair transplant in Delhi (Times Healthcare Survey 2015, 2016, 2017), we have many years of hair transplant experience and satisfied hair loss clients worldwide. As the name suggests (Pro = Expert, Velus = Hair); we offer full spectrum of hair restoration techniques including Follicular Unit Excision (FUE), Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), Body Hair Transplant and Hair Loss Treatments.

Cost of hair transplant in Delhi varies widely. We always follow standard medical protocols for client work-up, out-patient care and operating room sterilisation without any compromise, so we are not the cheapest hair transplant clinic around. We however, give good results and offer international standard FUE in Delhi at reasonable cost. Learn more...

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Hair Transplant is an art as much as a medical science, and you are the canvas. All hair transplant surgeons are not equal and so results may vary widely. That is why it is very important that you know your hair transplant specialist well including his qualifications, surgical experience, publications & awards, results and reviews etc.

Provelus Hair Transplant team is led by Dr. Sharad Mishra, MBBS, MS, MCh (Plastic Surgery). He is an experienced India Board certified plastic, cosmetic & hair restoration surgeon with over ten years of plastic surgery and over 15 years of medical experience. He was formerly an Asst. Prof. of Plastic Surgery in Delhi and has authored India's first medical textbook on "Hair Transplant Surgery". He has won multiple national awards including, "Hair Transplant Surgeon in India" & "Most Trusted Hair Transplant Surgeon in India"awards.

Dr sharad mishra is hair transplant doctor of 2018 according to brd website
Provelus Hair Transplant delhi is Member Of WOSIAM
India's best doctor award for Hair Transplant
Global Healthcare Excellence award for FUE Hair Restoration

For appointments call +91-11-45201001 / +91-9650047060 or whatsaapp at +91 9650047060

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If you are a hair loss sufferer, it is important that you learn about reasons for your hair loss, the Norwood stage or degree of your hair loss and available medical treatment options. All of this can be accomplished by visiting a good hair transplant specialist and few simple tests. Once you have decided to go for hair transplant the first step would be consulting a good surgeon who can draw a long term hair restoration blueprint with you, discussing various hair transplant techniques, their relative merits and demerits, post-transplant recovery & hair growth, medical therapy and expected results. As we know, hair transplantation is a surgical process (Yes! Even FUE is surgical) and the key to the success are an artistic bent of mind along with experience and surgical skills. The aesthetics of hair line design and the finesse in harvesting and implantation of roots decides success or failure of a procedure, irrespective of technique. That is why the most important factor in a good or bad procedure is the clinic & surgeon, not cost or technique. Interested? Call 011-4520 1001 for appointment. To learn more go here.

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Hair Transplant Cost

Value of Hair transplant depends upon results and coverage. Cost per graft depends upon technique used and expertise of the surgeon. Whatsapp images at +91-9650047060 to know your hair restoration cost estimate.

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Hair Transplants Results, that look and feel natural. Have a look at our transplant results. See More Results

Best Clinics for Hair transplant in Delhi-NCR by Times Health Survey 2017, 2018

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With so many hair transplant clinics in India, how can you decide which is the one for you? Who can give you good results at fair price? A clinic with deep discounts, five-star lobby or good surgeon?Know More


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Read common questions about hair transplantation, FUE, Strip techniques, Cost per graft, Delhi Hair Transplant Clinic, Growth after transplant etc. Need more info, drop us a mail or call us.

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Hair Transplant cost in India is lower compared to many western countries. Your booking at a premium ethical hair transplant clinic in India is just a mail away.Learn More..

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If you are an experienced plastic surgeon, dermatologist, registered nurse or operation room technician looking for a rewarding career, send your resume to careers@provelus.com

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Hair Transplant cost and techniques in Delhi in Hair Transplant Textbook by Dr. Sharad Mishra

Are you a plastic surgeon or Dermatologist looking to learn technical details about hair transplant surgery?  Dr. Sharad Mishra's medical textbook explains various hair transplant techniques, planning and complications of hair transplants. Buy now.

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